We Decide,

We. Won’t. Let. Them. Win.

For the politicians who oppose abortion, eliminating Roe v. Wade was just the beginning.

Their end goal has always been a ban on abortion, even in California. Already, 21 states have imposed bans on abortion, with more bans underway. And if these hostile politicians run our federal government next year, they will charge full-steam to impose a national ban.

And they won’t stop at abortion. They’ll restrict birth control, fertility treatments like IVF, and other sexual and reproductive health care — furthering their dangerous plan to control our lives and bodies.

They’re hellbent on taking away our rights and, ultimately, our power to control whether, when, and how we create our families.

KNOW THIS: We decide our futures, not out-of-touch politicians.

At no point during a pregnancy is a politician more qualified than you and your doctor to make decisions about your health care. This November, freedom is on the line, and WE DECIDE what comes next.

The Road to Freedom Runs Through California

The 2024 election is our time to decide. We can be the ones who keep the anti-abortion hostile politicians out of power in DC and out of our bedrooms.

In California, we are focused on flipping the House by targeting eight competitive Congressional districts: CA-3, CA-13, CA-22, CA-27, CA-40, CA-41, CA-45, CA-47.

The We Decide California campaign is fighting to elect unapologetic supporters of abortion rights to Congress. We demand the power to decide what’s best for our families, our bodies, our lives, and our futures. Join us. When We Decide, We Win.